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Neocybin® is an alkaloid extracted from Psilocybe Baeocystis mushroom.  Neocybin contains Baeocystin, a psilocybin mushroom alkaloid and analog of psilocybin. It is found as a minor compound in most psilocybin mushrooms together with psilocybin, norbaeocystin, and psilocin. Baeocystin is an N-demethylated derivative of psilocybin, and a phosphorylated derivative of 4-HO-NMT (4-hydroxy-N-methyltryptamine). The chemical structure of Neocybin is shown at the top.

Little information exists on Baeocystin with regard to human pharmacology, but in the book Magic Mushrooms Around the World, author Jochen Gartz reports being aware of a study in which “10 mg of baeocystin were found to be about as psychoactive as a similar amount of psilocybin.”[5] Gartz also reported in a research paper that a self-administered assay of 4 mg of baeocystin caused “a gentle hallucinogenic experience”.


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